The network cards are also designed to provide the quickest possible

If you are just getting into the world of computer gaming, you might not be familiar with what it takes to power up to a gaming PC. To start with, you should note that using a regular PC might be sufficient for a beginner, but when you actually get into it, you won't just need to step up, but you will most likely want to.Gaming computers are specifically designed with the power user in mind. Those who are considered serious gamers will speak at length about the various pieces and bits in their computer system because each upgrade provides more power and speed, giving them a computer that will keep up with their skills.The difference between a gaming PC and a normal one is huge. Besides the chassis, which frequently has sharp lines and neon lights to make it look fast, the internal parts are usually cutting edge or close to it so the gamer can have the fastest, strongest and most stable computer system. They don't want the processor to crash during a battle.The network cards are also designed to provide the quickest possible Internet connection, making them only susceptible to the speed of their Internet provider. The system itself is constructed to specifications providing high graphics, high speed and great network access. If you have tried one of these computers, it can be tough to go back to a regular PC without getting impatient with the slow and bulky feeling.The question that many new gamers ask is whether or not they should design a customized gaming PC or buy one pre-built. This greatly depends on your skills. If you have broad hardware knowledge, the tools and nothing but time on your hands, then customized is fine. However, if you're like most of us, you really do not have the time or funds to deal with fried motherboards or network cards simply because you failed to properly ground them.A lot of people will choose the pre-built gaming PCs because they are put together by professionals and the various components are tested collectively. The warranty on these types of systems is also beneficial since you can just request fixes or returns if you have a problem. If you custom build the system, you must custom fix it should something go wrong.The world of computer gaming has opened up to a new stratosphere thanks to the Internet and regular access to high-speed internet connections. No doubt this will only increase as Internet speeds keep growing. A lot of the equipment available is already outpacing the speeds available. The good part is your system can be built and ready to take on whatever the ISPs can throw your way.For any gaming PC, you are able to go custom or pre-built, but if you don't possess the skills to fix your own computer, you should start with pre-built systems if for no other reason than being able to pick up the telephone to receive support. You may still improve it as you acquire skills.

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